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Asean leaders reach Five-Point Concensus on Myanmar crisis

Jakarta – The leaders of Asean member states reached a five-point consensus on the crisis in post-coup Myanmar at the special Asean leaders meeting today.

“We, as an Asean family, had a close discussion on the recent developments in Myanmar and expressed our deep concern on the situation in the country, including reports of fatalities and escalation of violence.

“We acknowledged Asean’s positive and constructive role in facilitating a peaceful solution in the interest of the people of Myanmar and their livelihoods, and therefore agreed to the “Five-Point Consensus”,” according to a Chairman’s Statement on the Asean Leaders’

Meeting released by Brunei Darussalam Chairmanship website at www.asean2021.bn, today.

On the situation in Myanmar, the Leaders reached consensus on the following:

(i) There shall be immediate cessation of violence in Myanmar and all parties shall exercise utmost restraint.

(ii) Constructive dialogue among all parties concerned shall commence to seek a peaceful solution in the interests of the people.

(iii) A special envoy of the Asean Chair shall facilitate mediation of the dialogue process, with the assistance of the Secretary-General of Asean.

(iv) Asean shall provide humanitarian assistance through the AHA Centre.

(v) the special envoy and delegation shall visit Myanmar to meet with all parties concerned.

The Asean Leaders’ Meeting was convened at the Asean Secretariat in Jakarta, and was chaired by the Sultan of Brunei, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.

“We also heard calls for the release of all political prisoners including foreigners. We also underscored the importance of Myanmar’s continued efforts in addressing the situation in the Rakhine State, including commencing the repatriation process, in a voluntary, safe and dignified manner in accordance with its bilateral agreements with Bangladesh,” according to a statement.

In this regard, Asean leaders also looked forward to the resumption of repatriation of verified displaced persons as soon as possible.

“We reiterated our appreciation to the Secretary-General of Asean for his efforts in leading the implementation of the recommendations of the Preliminary Needs Assessment (PNA).

“We also looked forward to the conduct of the Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) and encouraged the Secretary-General of Asean to continue identifying possible areas that can effectively facilitate the repatriation process for displaced persons from Rakhine State. We further underscored the importance of efforts to addressing the root causes of the situation in Rakhine State,” said statement. — Bernama