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Calling MIC leaders are intoxicated for championing the rights of our community is just plain rude – MIC Wanita Chief

“The recent act by the Kedah MB by demolishing an over 50 years old temple in Kuala Kedah is completely against the basis of cooperation between MIC & PAS,” said Puan Usha Nandhini, MIC National Women Leader.

It is time for PAS to refresh their memory that back in November 2018, Tan Sri Vigneswaran and MIC was ready to work together with PAS in the spirit of unity and Tan Sri Vigneswaran said, “If DAP can be comfortable with AMANAH, what’s the difference with MIC and PAS? PAS also has never demolished any temples.”

However, the latest unprofessional and insensitive remarks & allegations by MB Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor is absolutely uncalled for and unbecoming of a politician from a religious party like PAS.

“It is indeed sad that the MB who is supposed to be a leader for all irrespective of race, religion & political affiliation has spoken in such an insensitive manner.”

“Alleging that the MIC leaders are intoxicated for championing the rights of our community is just plain rude, slammed Usha.

Wanita MIC hopes and urges the PAS leadership to look into this matter seriously and statements being made by the Kedah MB as it is clearly an insult to the party, it’s leadership and the community.

“We also urges all Indian women of the country to stand together in solidarity irrespective of political affiliations against such blatant unjust & discrimination to our community,” she added.

Wanita MIC also affirms our undivided support to Tan Sri Vigneswaran on his stand and actions in relation to this MB Kedah’s act. MIC is a party that was formed to safeguard and look into the socio-economic, welfare and the well-being of the community.

“Therefore it is only natural that we will continuously fight for the issues of the community. We believe and trust in his leadership to bring forth more benefits for our Indian community.”

Usha stressed that MIC being the only party representing Indian community, can be rest assured that all our rights will be championed with fervour and without fear. ‘Do right and fear no man’.

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