Dewan Negara to debate motion on illegal ‘meat cartel’

Kuala Lumpur – The issue on illegal meat cartels will be debated in the Dewan Negara in accordance with Rule 17 (1) with the proposer to debate the matter for not more than 30 minutes and the same time to be given to the the government to respond, said Dewan Negara president Tan Sri Rais Yatim.

For the matter to be considered by the Senate, he said, as the Dewan Negara Speaker, he must be satisfied that the matter raised meets three conditions, namely that it is specific, of public interest and urgent.

“I have studied the matter. Firstly, it is right, the matter is specific, secondly, it is of public interest  and in need of urgent action, as well as supervision and the people’s understanding.

“Therefore, I allow this motion to be debated,” he added.

Earlier, Senator Asmak Husin proposed a motion on an illegal meat cartel for wrongly using the logo of the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) with the intention to deceive in accordance with Article 17 of the Rules of the Senate.

“I think this motion involves public interest because it is a source of protein for Muslims who are the majority of Malaysian citizens. For the Muslim community, halal, haram, shubhah food can influence concern their religious faith, physical development and life.

“It also involves the good name of the government, especially Jakim, as the issuer of the halal logo , for which the products were believed to be halal, not only by Malaysians but  the international community,” she said.

Asmak said the people are also becoming scared and angry over the case because until today, some brands that are still used used by them are said to be involved in this case.

Investigation on the matter has been conducted for about a month and the people want the government to provide the  list of the brands involved or at least outcome of the preliminary report, she added. ― Bernama

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