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FIFA imposes sanctions on Mexico after fans’ homophobic chants

Mexico City – Mexico will play two home games in empty stadiums after they were sanctioned and fined by the Fifa disciplinary commission for homophobic chants, the Mexican football federation said Friday.

“We have received a sanction from Fifa for the shouts heard during the Concacaf qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games,” federation president Yon de Luisa told reporters.

The qualifiers were held in March at the Akron and Jalisco stadiums in Guadalajara in western Mexico.

The sanctions, which include a fine of around US$65,000, are linked in particular to Mexico’s games against the Dominican Republic and the US, De Luisa said.

He urged Mexican fans to cease all anti-gay slurs.

“We must stop this now,” he said.

“The effect can be devastating for the Mexican football industry. Let it be the last sanction that Fifa give us.”

Mexico has been repeatedly sanctioned over the years for a homophobic slur shouted by fans at the opposing team’s keeper.

De Luisa said that if the chants continued Mexico was in danger of being disqualified from the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and losing its role as joint host of the 2026 World Cup. — AFP

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