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French police officer charged over fatal shooting

PARIS — A police officer was charged on Sunday over the fatal shooting of a man who refused to stop at a traffic check, the 12th such death in France this year.

Already in custody, the officer was brought before an investigating magistrate who charged him over Friday’s shooting, a source close to the case said. He was charged with violence leading to death rather intentionally killing the victim.

Following the recommendations of the prosecutors’ office, he has been placed on bail and forbidden access to a firearm and from continuing to work as a police officer, the source added. His lawyer declined to comment.

In Friday’s incident, two police officers in Paris’s 12th arrondissement opened fire on a vehicle that started up as they approached it. “One of the three shots hit the driver, who died,” said the source.

A second officer, 31, who was also in custody over the shooting has been released and at this stage there are no charges against him.

This year 12 people have been shot dead by police as they tried to escape traffic controls. — AFP

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