i-Sinar: Every application under second category will be considered – EPF

Kuala Lumpur – The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) will consider every application for withdrawal under the second category of the i-Sinar facility.

Chief executive officer Tunku Alizakri Raja Muhammad Alias ​​said regardless of income sizes, members who are financially affected but not eligible to apply for i-Sinar under the first category, can apply for the facility under the second category.

“The EPF is aware that the situation of individuals whose income is affected is unique to each case and there is no comprehensive solution.

“For the second category, we recommend our members to produce complete documentation which can show their affected income and send it to the EPF on Jan 11, 2021,” he said at a joint dialogue with EPF on i-Sinar, on Astro Awani.

He emphasised that EPF would consider every application to ensure no one is left out in receiving help.

The EPF yesterday said contributors applying for the i-Sinar facility were divided into two categories.

The first category encompasses contributors employed in the formal sector or gig economy sectors; those who are self-employed or have not contributed for a long time; housewives; as well as those who have lost their jobs or been put on unpaid leave.

It said members who have not contributed for at least two consecutive months or more at the time of application, or those who are still employed but facing basic salary cuts of 30 per cent or more after March 1 this year are eligible to apply for the facility.

Those under this category do not have to provide supporting documents as the approval is automatic based on EPF’s internal data.

They only need to apply online via starting Dec 21, 2020, and the payments would be made starting from mid-January next year.

The second category comprises members who are still employed but facing a reduction of 30 per cent or more of their total earnings, which includes salaries, allowance and overtime pay, after March 1 this year, which can only be verified through supporting documents. -Bernama

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