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Indonesian lawmakers want boycott on Israeli goods

Jakarta – Indonesian lawmakers are pressing for a government policy to boycott Israel’s products, in retribution for attacks on Palestine by the Zionist nation.

Chairman of Commission VIII of the House of Representatives of Indonesia (DPR: Indonesian Parliament) Yandri Susanto in pressing for the boycott also emphasized that it was not necessary for the government to establish diplomatic ties and hold regional talks with Israel.

“We urge the government to boycott Israeli products. Their products will not be allowed to enter Indonesia any longer,” he said in statement.

Despite the non-existence of diplomatic ties, Indonesia and Israel have been engaging in trade relations, he added.

According to the Central Statistics Agency’s that the total trade between Indonesia and the United States in 2020 was valued at US$27.2 billion, with Indonesia recording a surplus of US$10.04 billion.

The agency’s data indicated that in the first quarter of 2021, Indonesia had imported 144 tons of goods worth US$1,785,870 from Israel.

Goods imported by Indonesia from Israel included spare parts or components of weapons; engine components; electronic devices; plantation products, such as coffee and dates; electrical equipment; battery components; and machinery for cigarette production.

During the same period, Indonesia also exported over 11 thousand tons of goods, valued at US$30,986,779, to Israel. – Bernama

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