ISMA urges Johor govt to reveal ‘meat cartel’ clients

Johor Bahru – The Johor branch of Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) has urged the state government to reveal the list of sellers who obtained supplies from a frozen meat company, which is believed to be a cartel smuggling meat from abroad before repackaging them with fake halal logo.

Johor Bahru ISMA president Wan Mohd Azli Wan Ahmad said this was crucial to prevent consumers, especially Muslims, from buying such meat, and thus assist sellers and other quarters to take action, adding that ISMA had received many complaints from the public regarding the matter.

“The halal issue is a big issue for Muslims. People are afraid to buy meat now after the exposure of the cartel’s existence and they are confused.

“Meat sellers are also affected because people are wary. So, I hope the authorities will intensify enforcement because this involves their integrity and transparency,” he told Bernama when met here.

Wan Mohd Azli said Johor ISMA also wanted the state government to probe into the possibility of other frozen meat suppliers conducting a similar activity.

He stressed that this issue had also affected the credibility of the halal logo issued by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) not only in the country but also abroad.

He said it was time government-linked companies took the halal industry seriously and urged Muslims to have a better awareness of the “Buy Muslim First” campaign. – Bernama

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