JPA should consider recruiting more Indians in civil service : S. Kumareswaran

Kuala Lumpur, April 21 — Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) is urged to recruit more Indians into civil services.

Gagasan Amanah Strategik Chairman, Tuan Kumareswaran Sinayah said JPA should give Malaysian Indians to fill up 10-15% of civil services. At present, civil services only consist 3% of Indians.

“It is high time, JPA and government start giving this matter a deep thought.I hope that the JPA could respond positively and give the opportunities for Indians not only for the recruitment of the police force, but also for the recruitment of all civil servants in other fields.”

“In our country, a diversified lineup of civil servants can not only strengthen, deepen and reflect our country’s diverse ethnic groups, reflect the multicultured sentiments of the people, but can also serve the people of all ethnic groups more comprehensively, improve service efficiency and create a more friendly and harmonious society,” he told.

Kumareswaran also said he will take great initiative and work through various channels to encourage the Indian community to be members of the civil service.

“We will conduct seminar with Public Service Department (JPA), aimed to educate young people who were interested in becoming civil servants on interview skills and sharing the benefits and prospects of civil servants.”

“We will also continue to maintain close contact with JPA and relevant departments to strengthen our cooperation while we work to increase the number of Indian youngsters in joining civil service,” said Kumareswaran.

“I applaud the initiative taken by Polis Diraja Malaysia to consider non-Bumiputera applicants who can speak and write in Mandarin, Tamil or other mother tongues and that the personnel must resit the SPM Bahasa Melayu examination paper to obtain a credit within six years of service.,”

“This is a progressive step and I urge more civil services departments give such leeway and recruit more Indians.”

“It’s a matter for concern that our civil services with 95 per cent Bumiputera personnel, we won’t be able to have much hope of moving forward as a multiracial nation,” he added.

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