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Kedah MB is not fit to lead the state, says Kohilan

Kuala Lumpur- Temple demolition by Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar (MBAS) in Kedah under the instruction of the PAS led Kedah Menteri Besar, Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor has displeased the Indian community especially the Hindus throughout the nation.

MIC Vice President, Datuk Kohilan Pillay slammed the MB for his role in demolishing of temple itself and impliedly instigating unrest.

“Don’t blame others for your(MB) incapability in solving sensitive issues in the state,” said Kohilan.

“Your behaviour itself shows an unbecoming of a leader in a multiracial state. Everyone can see how you are trying to blame MIC for your action.”

Kohilan went on to say that a good leader will always find a solution for any problem.

“MB’s office and MBAS itself are contradicting each other on who ordered the demolition. This clearly shows the modus operandi. MBAS told that instruction came from MB’s office. I’m sure MBAS Datuk Bandar would not want to be blamed for insubordination,”he added.

Kohilan stressed that Kedah MB should uphold what is enshrined in our constitution on religious freedom and show some sensitivity in relation to temples and places of worships.

“Calling to ban MIC and blaming MIC for attempting to cause unrest is just your (MB’s) stunt to divert from the core issue. I urge Kedah MB to retract his accusations on MIC. It’s high time PAS led Kedah Government stood for all its rakyat, who entrusted them to lead the state,” stressed Kohilan.

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