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MIC and KBS has rubbished allegations by ice-skater Abiraame’s dad

Kuala Lumpur- A news portal yesterday reported that the promising career of nine-year-old ice skating starlet Sree Abiraame Chendren looks headed for a premature end, no thanks to a litany of unkept promises.

The portal reported that many had promised to help her achieve her dream of taking part in the 2024 Winter Youth Olympics but a series of mixed messages and last-minute changes of mind have left her on the verge of despair, facing a return home in disappointment.

B. Chendren Balakrishnan, Abiraame’s father, a Parti Keadilan Member and Sepang councillor, said many had come forward to help when his daughter’s plight was highlighted in November, to name a few Kementerian Belia dan Sukan and Malaysian Indian Congress announced that it would help, but ended up with nothing.

The MIC Youth Secretary and Special Officer to Minister of Youth and Sports, Theeagesh Ganesan, via his Facebook posting clarified that this is a baseless allegation from Chendren.

He said that on 12 January 2021 Kementerian Belia dan Sukan via National Sports Council managed to obtain tax free status for Sree Abiramee Foundation.

The objective of this tax exemption is to enable Chendren solicit financial support from public and corporate to fund Sree Abiramee’s training costs.

In addition, Minister of Youth and Sports, Dato’ Sri Reezal Merican wrote to The Ambassador of Latvia to Malaysia, His Excellency Normans Penke to seek for travel visa to Latvia for 3 years to enable Abiraame pursue her training at Marupes International Figure Skating School without any hindrances.

Theeagesh said that Chendren’s allegation that KBS and MIC failed to assist is baseless, despite several efforts been made by KBS and MIC.

Today proof of payment from MIC President, Tan Sri SA Vigneswaran is viral on the social media.

It reveals that MIC gave the girl’s father, Chendren, RM20,000.00 last year and Tan Sri Vigneswaran also wrote a letter to support her family’s visa application as they were facing difficulties with their visa application approval.

MIC has plans to fund Abiraame for 8 year period but unfortunately the father acted too hastily and demonised MIC.

Pic: OMS Foundation presenting mock cheque of RM800,000 to sponsor Abiramee

Selangor Ice Skating Association President, Billy Johan issued statement to deny this baseless allegation and called Chendren to be fair.

It be waffles as to why Chendren specifically targeted KBS and MIC, despite many others also promised to fund Abiraame.

Moreover, why didn’t he seek help from PKR or from the state government? Is there some ulterior political motive behind this allegation?

MIC has come forward to assist Chendren despite acknowledging him being a member of another party, for the sake of his daughter’s future but unfortunately he lashed out at MIC, and ruined everything.

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