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More people are getting mental health assessment in Johor

Iskandar Puteri – The number of people who visited the health clinics to undergo mental health assessment in the state has abruptly increased in August compared to the previous months.

State Health and Environment Committee chairman R.Vidyanathan said the number of clients for the assessment in June was 32 people and July (46), but in August the total rose to 678.

According to Vidyanathan, the increase was due to the state Health Department’s promotion of the online Minda Sihat (healthy mind survey) or QR-DASS, launched on Aug 9, which provided access to public to conduct self-screening.

He explained that through the survey, each individual would be evaluated based on 21 questions to determine whether or not they have symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.

As an example, a highly severe anxiety case would get a score of more than 11, while highly severe stress score would be over 18, he said.

“In August, a total of 287,204 individuals used QR-DASS to evaluate themselves, followed by 7,311 in the following month.

“Those who got severe and highly severe scores, would be given the link to set up an appointment with any health clinics in Johor, to further evaluate their mental health,” he said in the State Legislative Assembly sitting, here, today.

He said this in reply to a question by Sheikh Umar Bagharib Ali (PH-Paloh) who wanted to know the proactive measures taken by the Johor government to prevent mental and emotional stress among the people during COVID-19 pandemic. – Bernama

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