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‘Mr. Masala Chai’- Brickfields

This fit, handsome person, Mr. Kavie is very inspirational and motivating to me. Graduated from Uniten with mechanical engineering last year but unable to get an engineering job due to this unprecedented year.

How many other people would just sit and lie and wait for jobs to come to them with no results…. but this is his story below.

He enjoys drinking Masala tea, has a passion and love for it so he sells it around Bricksfield area. This tea is his own recipe, really very nice ! The idea why he’s selling them on a bicycle so that he can cycle around bricksfield and people would reach out to him for tea. The origin of the idea comes from India where most people sell stuff via cycling.

People around Bricksfield could whatsapp him and he’ll cycle to their shop/location. He start works around 3 to 5pm daily, only 200 cups and easily sell out. I asked him, why only 3 to 5pm? He smiled and said “coz that’s what time people like to have tea”.

He has a another friend helping him sell at another area with the same business model.

Kavie contact should you need Masala tea if you’re hanging around Bricksfield area..is 018 390 0171. — in Brickfields.

(Credit article & pics to #underMyPayung / Jack Tan)


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