No changes to i-Sinar withdrawal criteria – EPF

Kuala Lumpur – The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has clarified that there is no changes to the withdrawal criteria under i-Sinar as of to date.

In a statement today in respond to various media reports regarding the request for the removal of all criteria and conditions set under i-Sinar, the EPF said it always took into account every request and suggestion from stakeholders.

“The EPF also like to clarify that every process or policy changes or enhancements will undergo due process and careful consideration and presented to the EPF board of directors for approval,” it said.

“Thereafter and whenever it involves a major policy issue, the EPF will then raise the matter to, and seek the views of the Ministry of Finance,” it added.

While the EPF welcomed any feedback on i-Sinar, no amendments to the current i-Sinar criteria have been committed to at this point in time, it said.

It is expected that a substantial portion of the eight million members eligible to apply will fall under Category 1 where approval would be automatically given without the need for any supporting documents.

Online applications will start from Dec 21, 2020 and payment will be made by mid-January 2021. – Bernama

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