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Opinion: Be Pragmatic and Reopen school – Dr. Mahaletchumy

A “heated” argument ensued in a recent Astro Vizhuthugal talk show on should schools remain closed. There are so many socio-emotional, socio-health and other related problems as consequences of schools being closed. It is easy to take the precautionary principle and emotional approach without weighing in all aspects. For many, it is just “STOP”, there is potential danger.

Here are some of the consequences of schools being closed:

1. Short attention span. Students do not really pay attention.

2. Schools are where poor students get their free foods. They are deprieved of this now. Many in PPR are suffering

3. Schools are also where children escape from abusive parents or domestic violence

4. Students are stressed and worried about their exams

5. Many are restless, waste so much time doing nothing, and becoming lazy

6. Students’ mental and physical health are affected

7. Special children cannot stay put at home for long

8. Internet and games become their companion and we dont know what they are exposed to

9. Children from B40 and from lower educated parents will further lose out without proper internet and ability of parents to coach

One solution is reduce the movement of parents instead. If more parents can work from home, the students are safe and will not be carriers of the virus. Reduce movement of students besides school do only the essentials.

We need pragmatic approaches instead of emotional ones. I really hope the government will go strict on employers who are not afopting the new nowm of working. Time to learn and be progressive.

By: Dr. Mahaletchumy Arujanan

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