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Opinion: Disappointed with the maintenance of Sultan Azlan Shah hockey stadium

I am in Ipoh for the weekend and came to Sultan Azlan Shah hockey stadium to watch a friendly game between Perak Sukma Ladies team vs a local boys team.

One look at the condition of the turf , and the amount of fungus appearing , it’s mind boggling. This turf was just laid about a 2 years ago , and the maintenance is terrible, by Dewan Bandaraya Ipoh (DBI).

I was told that nobody could use the stadium turf and it’s only allowed for state training, as such it resulted in the fungus to grow .

Either the officers in charge in DBI should resign or privatize the running of the stadium to some ex-Internationals who are ever willing to take charge.

Our Beloved Late Sultan Azlan would be shocked seeing this.

Soon they will lay another new turf spending millions of tax payers money and the story goes on

I really hope Tuanku Sultan Nazrin reads this article and summon those responsible and give them a shelling and an ultimatum to resign.

It’s really sad to see this and as an ex-International from Perak , I am very upset to see the state of our turf.

Thank you Hockey lovers

By: K Balasingam R Krishnan
Ex-Malaysian International hockey player

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