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Opinion: Young doctors being treated fairly in Malaysia?

Why are our doctors only being given a ‘temporary placement’ while other civil servants are afforded “permanent status”? Does the government realize they are losing the best doctors to other countries if a temporary basis status is what the have to offer to these doctors.

The harsh truth is MOs under UD41 pay scale will not treat the houseman period as an opportunity to learn and serve but as a platform to upgrade this skills in order to seek better luck in private hospitals. And you can’t blame them considering that unlike those doctors with permanent status are automatically upgraded pay scale level UD44 upon completing their houseman requirement, these ‘temporary’ doctors would have to sweat about their next pay cheque upon completing their houseman period as they aren’t guaranteed to be absorbed into KKM.

When ‘temporary doctors’ and ‘permanent doctors’ put in equal hours and equal effort during the same period of time, it is ridiculous that they are treated differently upon the expiry of their ‘houseman contract’. Surely this is unfair and unjust on every level.

We are doing a great injustice to the doctors whom we hail as front liners today. Why isn’t any wakil rakyat voicing out for these poor doctors is baffling to say the least. Perhaps, our doctors are being taken for granted and we ordinary Malaysians feel it is enough to merely heap praises on them as front liners on social media and don’t do anything about it in reality.

It is high time our Government especially JPA lend their ear to hear these grouses or otherwise Malaysia will become a ‘brain dead state’ as our Einsteins would have gone elsewhere seeking greener pastures because of failure to cherish them..

– By Datuk A. Chandrakumanan

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