Political leaders to play vital role in temple blueprint – MIC President

“Malaysian Indian Congress has dwelled into the structuring of blueprint on Hindu temples nationwide, with the co-operation from Unity Ministry. This will bring an end to decade long issues pertaining to temple land, maintenance, registration and legality,” said MIC President, Tan Sri Dato Seri S. Vigneswaran.

“We are calling Indian political representatives from all parties to join in the brainstorming session to find a permanent solution to issues pertaining to temples across the nation.”

“During this session, which will be most likely to be held next week, we invite leaders beyond political affiliations be it from DAP and PKR to submit their views or research papers to derive permanent solution for this issue,” Vigneswaran told Nanban Tamil Daily.

“Matters pertaining to religion is sensitive and should be given due respect. Unfortunately of recent times many disputes are arising and it is due to the absence of proper guidelines pertaining to temple management. Before it gets out of hand, a proactive and pragmatic measure needs to be done.”

“We have to at all cost avoid confrontation related to race and religion and preserve the unity in diversity in this country.”

“As such, the blueprint need to be drafted soonest. As for now we are not inviting any non political establishments to participate, as I opine that solution must be political and as such political leaders input is of great significance,” the former Senate President added.

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