Second blow from MB of Kedah for Malaysian Indian Congress or Malaysian Indian community?

Kuala Lumpur – PAS is making great en-route in winning the hearts of Indian community in Malaysia since GE ‘12 by offering seats to their Indian supporters, mainly members of Dewan Himpunan Penyokong PAS (DHPP) to contest.

In GE 13 & 14, more seats were allocated to Indians to contest under PAS ticket and some self centred Indians fell in PAS’s trap, believing them to be receptive of others races and religions. Some of them who contested under PAS ticket were ex-MIC members who had a fall-out with the party.

Shocking to note that the membership of DHPP swell and mostly dominated by Indians. Sad to say, these Indians fail to understand the primary principle of which the pillars of PAS were constructed upon.

PAS is a political party which was formed to champion Islam and their ultimate aim is to promote, protect and preserve Islam at all cost in Malaysia.

As such, how will PAS to protect Indian’s rights, culture and language? Majority of Indians in this country are Hindus and how is PAS a party championing Islam going to protect Hinduism and rights of Hindus?

The pertinent doubt is why DHPP Indians trust PAS compared to any other political establishments in Malaysia? What was promised to them? Why PAS? What these Indians didn’t see in MIC or other political parties that they saw in PAS?

If positions and appointments in state governments by PAS are the sole purpose of DHPP Indians loyalty to PAS, its equivalent to crossing the stream by riding on crocodile’s back. In a matter of time, say in 10 years, if PAS in stronger political position, PAS will certainly sideline Indian community in this country, citing them as mere and weak minority.

The recent actions of Kedah Menteri Besar, clearly depicts this. At every point, he stresses that Indians are merely 6.8% in population and should not demand as if they are the majority.

It’s unbecoming of a Menteri Besar of Kedah from PAS to continuously suppress the Indian community, specifically the Hindus by demolishing temples and cancelling the state declared Thaipusam holiday. The MB should be a leader for all immaterial of the political party he hails from.

As MIC leaders made sincere attempts to mend ties and iron it out diplomatically with MB of Kedah, they were given cold treatment and harsh pungent messages were sent to MIC leaders to not stick their noses into Kedah state government affairs, by the MB of Kedah.

How to trust PAS hereafter? Maybe this is just the tip of the iceberg and more to come once PAS gains more power and prominence politically. It is indeed a hard tight slap with Japanese slippers on the faces of DHPP loyalists, mainly Indians.

Wake up and walkout from DHPP, dear fellow Indians. Don’t auction away the freedom of religion, freedom of language, rights of vernacular schools that we have enjoyed thus far. Trusting the wrong leaders will make us lose the little that we have. The future of our children and grandchildren depends on actions and decisions we make today. Stop falling prey further!

-Kumareswaran Sinayah
Editor, Kuala Lumpur Post

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