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Tan Sri Nadarajah’s perseverance should be applauded- SMMTD Secretary

Kuala Lumpur- “A Focused mind will lead to materialisation of effort put in. Consistency will lead you to success. Persistency will lead you to many avenues,” said Sri Maha Mariamman Temple Devasthanam Secretary, C. Sethu Pathy.

“This is what the Chairman of Sri Maha Mariamman Temple Dhevasthanam (SMMTD), Tan Sri Datuk R. Nadarajah practiced to ensure that the Religious Tradition followed for over a 100 years in this country was not given up so easily.”

He said Tan Sri Nadarajah’s attitude towards handling the Thaipusam Celebration in this prevailing pandemic should be appreciated instead of condemned or criticised.

“When the Ministry of Unity called SMMTD for discussion on Thaipusam SOP in November, we personally informed them to invite all major temples in this country who celebrated Thaipusam grandly. We informed them to invite Penang Waterfall Temple, Ipoh Kallumalai Temple and Sg. Petani Murugan Temple. The first meeting was called on 9.12.2020 and was attended by SMMTD, Ipoh Temple, Sg. Petani Temple and Johor Siva Muniswarar Temple. Penang Temple was not there due to undisclosed reasons.”

“A few days later we were informed that the the Penang Hindu Endowment Board (PHEB) have decided to hastily call off the 2021 Thaipusam celebration.”

“A second meeting was called on 21.12.2020 for further discussion and only four temples were present. A third and final meeting was called on 30.12.2020 and all temples present firmly agreed to hold the Thaipusam festival and Chariot procession. Our fight for this decision was not only for our own temple but mutually for all temples in this country.”

“When the government announced the MCO, we still persistently tried our best to hold the Thaipusam festivities but due to the increase in the number of Covid19 cases. we bowed down to the government’s decision. However, we made a request for the Chariot Procession to be allowed without devotees,” he stressed.

“We were informed by a twitter message from Datuk Sri Annuar Musa that Chariot Procession will be allowed. This decision was positively received by us and thousands of devotees. We thank the Prime Minister, Senior Minister of Defence, Human Resource Minister, Unity Minister and Federal Territories Minister and all other government staff who were kind enough to carry our message across for this permission.”

Sethu further said that the Chairman never gave up at any time and persistently worked around to clock to uphold this tradition. As quoted in The Autobiography of a Yogi, “mere intellectual willingness and open mindedness are insufficient for enlargement of religious consciousness”

“For this I salute the Chairman of SMMTD, who went above and beyond, remained focused and never gave up. We ensure that there were no double standards practiced in the making of this decision.”

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