Tiny sea turtle rescued with 158 pieces of plastic in gut

Bangkok – Thai veterinarians were shocked to discover 158 bits of trash in a rescued sea turtle on the resort island of Phuket.

Department of Marine and Coastal Resources said the green turtle with a carapace length of 28 cm and weighing 3 kilogramme was found in weak condition at Kata Beach in Phuket on July 23.

The sea turtle was later taken to the Sireetarn Marine Endangered Animals Rescue Centre for treatment.

“The sea turtle defecated six times during its rehabilitation. The veterinarians found 158 bits of trash clogged in its digestive system, of which 57 per cent being plastic bags, 21 per cent thin plastic, 16 per cent hard plastic, and 6 per cent of textile fibre,” it said in a Facebook posting.

Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) said among nations that dump plastic waste into the sea, in 2020 Thailand ranked no 10 in the world.

Most of the Thai marine waste is plastics led by plastic debris (12 per cent), Styrofoam boxes (10 per cent), food wrappers (8 per cent), plastic bags (8 percent), glass bottles (7 per cent), plastic bottles (7 per cent), and straws (5 per cent).

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