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Wedding guests stranded for almost a week due to floods

Kuantan – The experience leading a convoy from Beserah here to attend a wedding ceremony in Kampung Pagi, Hulu Tembeling, in Jerantut, about 213 kilometres from here, will be memorable for Mat Napi Ali.

The convoy, comprising 34 people in five vehicles, was stranded in the village for a week when the water in Sungai Tembeling rose and overflowed its banks, cutting off roads to the village.

Mat Napi Ali, 59, said the convoy left Beserah to Kampung Pagi on Jan 1 and was supposed to return on Sunday (Jan 3) as some of them had to return to work on Monday.

“We had planned to return on Sunday morning. We saw the river swelling and feared the water would overflow because the rain had not stopped, but before we could leave we were informed that floods had submerged the roads and there was no way out for us.

“After discussing with other members in the group, we decided to remain in the village until the flood water receded, thinking that the water would subside after a day or two,” he said, adding they took refuge at his sister’s place.

Food supply was limited. There were many of us and we really had to save on food,” he said.

Mat Napi said after almost a week, the group became worried as some of them had to return to work as they had used up their leave.

“We were told that the only way out was to take a boat to the main road, but the question then was to get to Kuantan because we couldn’t bring our car. We called everywhere for assistance.”

He said a call from the office of the Indera Mahkota Member of Parliament Datuk Saifuddin later informed them that the MP would send an express bus to bring them home.

Mat Napi said members of the group left the village in a few boats at 8am yesterday and arrived in Indera Mahkota at about 10.30 pm.

“It was a long journey because we had to stop at several locations along the alternative roads to wait for the water to subside for the bus to pass through,” he added. – Bernama

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